When is the best time to visit Cambodia?

The ideal time to visit Cambodia is from November to April when rain is minimal. During this period, you can enjoy clear blue skies, making it the perfect time for a relaxing beach vacation along the southern coast. The temperatures remain pleasantly warm at around 68°F throughout the year.

From May to October, the humidity increases, and the rainy season arrives, benefiting Cambodian farmers in their crop growth. However, don't let this deter you from traveling as the countryside becomes lush and green, rivers flow abundantly, and the temples are less crowded. It's actually a great time to explore the lesser-known temples that are often devoid of crowds.

Towards the end of summer, one of Cambodia's remarkable attractions, Tonle Sap, springs to life. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and is home to Cambodia's floating villages. It's a unique experience to witness and explore these vibrant communities.

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October is a great time to visit Cambodia. The rainy season is ending, humidity is decreasing, and you can take advantage of lower prices. The temples are quieter, and the Tonle Sap lake is full. During the green season (June to August), the monsoons haven't arrived yet, so there's an abundance of fresh food. The temples are less crowded, and hotels offer excellent deals.

The Ultimate Month-by-Month Cambodia Travel Planning Guide

In January, Cambodia experiences its driest month with an average temperature of 79°F. This makes it the perfect time to explore the magnificent temples in Siem Reap or relax on the beautiful beaches of the southern coast. The dry weather and comfortable temperatures create ideal conditions for outdoor activities and leisurely beach days.

Best places to visit in January

In February, Cambodia experiences minimal rainfall, creating favorable conditions for outdoor activities such as exploring the temples. The temperatures are still cool enough to enjoy long walks and discover the rich cultural heritage of the region.

This is also an ideal time for river travel, as the weather remains pleasant and the water levels are suitable for navigation. The great Tonle Sap lake retains the majority of its volume during this period, providing a picturesque setting for boat trips and wildlife observation.

Overall, February offers a great opportunity to explore Cambodia's temples, enjoy outdoor activities, and experience the beauty of the Tonle Sap lake while the weather remains pleasant and the water levels are favorable.

Best places to visit in February

March is the peak time to visit Cambodia, with temperatures in the high 80°F range. Towards the end of the month, water levels decrease, making the Tonle Sap less impressive. It's advisable to book accommodations in advance due to high demand during this period.

Best places to visit in March

During Cambodia's peak season, which typically experiences high tourist activity, temperatures soar and can exceed 91°F. To cope with the intense heat, it is advisable to plan your explorations during the cooler hours of the early morning or late afternoon. This way, you can make the most of your excursions while avoiding the sweltering midday sun.

In April, Cambodia celebrates Chaul Chnam, also known as Cambodian New Year. While the rains are expected to hold off during this time, it's important to be prepared for some wet encounters if you venture around town during the festival. This is because engaging in water-related activities, such as water fights, is a popular tradition during the New Year celebrations.

By adjusting your itinerary to accommodate the heat and planning your activities strategically, you can still have a rewarding and enjoyable experience during Cambodia's peak season.

Events & Festivals

Khmer New Year, celebrated from April 13th to 16th, is Cambodia's most important holiday. During this time, towns and cities empty out as people leave to reunite with their families. The urban areas become quiet and less crowded as locals embark on their journeys home. Khmer New Year is a time for family gatherings, traditional ceremonies, and honoring ancestors. The holiday is marked by vibrant celebrations, music, dance, and cultural activities. It's a special occasion for Cambodians to spend quality time with their families and enjoy traditional meals together. If you're in Cambodia during Khmer New Year, you'll witness the towns and cities undergoing a unique transformation as people prioritize family reunions. Keep in mind that some businesses and services may have limited availability as locals focus on celebrating with their loved ones.

Best places to visit in April

In May, as the wet season approaches Cambodia, it presents a favorable opportunity to take advantage of promotional offers during the shoulder season. The crowds from the peak season begin to disperse, allowing for a more relaxed and less crowded travel experience.

While you should expect a few showers during this time of year, they are generally not significant enough to greatly impact your trip. In fact, these showers help alleviate the humidity, creating more comfortable conditions for exploration.

By visiting in May, you can enjoy the benefits of fewer tourists, pleasant weather, and potentially attractive promotions, making it an appealing time to explore Cambodia.

Best places to visit in May

In June, the rainy season arrives in Cambodia, providing much-needed relief to the farmers. Fortunately, the showers are typically brief and intense, usually not significantly affecting your trip. You can still expect plenty of sunshine amidst the rain.

One advantage of visiting Cambodia during this time is that the temples and other tourist sites are quieter compared to the peak season. This allows for a more peaceful and immersive experience as you explore these cultural treasures.

Moreover, June falls within Cambodia's "green season," and many hotels offer promotions and discounts during this period. It's an excellent opportunity to take advantage of these deals and enjoy a more budget-friendly visit to Cambodia.

Overall, despite the rain, June presents a favorable time to visit Cambodia, with the added benefits of quieter tourist sites and attractive hotel promotions.

Best places to visit in June

During this time, the rainy season continues throughout Cambodia, so it's advisable to avoid the beaches on the southern coast. However, temperatures start to decrease, averaging around 80°F, creating a more comfortable climate for travelers.

One advantage of visiting during this period is that some of the outerlying temples are deserted, making it an opportune time to explore lesser-known destinations and enjoy a more tranquil experience.

It's worth noting that many families choose to visit Cambodia during this time as it coincides with the European summer holidays, allowing for convenient travel arrangements.

Best places to visit in July

Temperatures decrease, making temple exploration more comfortable. Rains continue throughout Cambodia, with the heaviest showers in the north. However, they usually last only a few hours. The Tonle Sap lake fills up again, and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the flourishing flora and fauna during this time.


Best places to visit in August

September is the wettest month in Cambodia, with heavy showers occurring almost daily. While these showers are typically short-lived, it's important to be prepared for the rain if you plan to visit during this time. Despite the rain, it is still possible to explore and enjoy Cambodia's attractions. However, it's worth noting that the heavy rainfall may make some rural areas difficult to access by road. If you prefer more favorable conditions, considering visiting a month before or after September would be a more appealing option.


Best places to visit in September

October is a wonderful time to visit Cambodia as the rainy season starts to taper off, and temperatures average around 81°F. This pleasant weather creates an ideal setting to explore Cambodia's lush and vibrant landscapes. Moreover, visiting during October allows you to beat the crowds typically associated with peak tourist season. You can also take advantage of early season promotional offers, making it a great opportunity to enjoy the country's attractions while enjoying potential cost savings.

Events & Festivals

  • Pchum Ben is a significant Buddhist festival observed across Cambodia for a duration of 15 days, with the main celebrations occurring on the final day. This festival holds great importance as locals take this time to honor and pay their respects to their deceased relatives. It is a time of remembrance and offering food and prayers at pagodas. The atmosphere during Pchum Ben is filled with reverence and spiritual devotion, providing a unique insight into Cambodian culture and traditions.


Best places to visit in October

As Cambodia's peak season begins anew, the temples attract large crowds, and temperatures hover around a pleasant 77°F. This period presents an ideal opportunity to explore the captivating Tonle Sap lake. Additionally, it's worth noting that the Cambodian Water Festival typically takes place in November, which can lead to higher hotel prices. To secure your desired accommodations, it is advisable to book well in advance.

Events & Festivals

  • Bon Om Touk, also known as the Cambodian Water Festival, is a highly anticipated event celebrated over three days in November. This vibrant festival takes place in Phnom Penh and is one of the most popular festivals in the country. It features lively concerts and thrilling boat races, creating a festive atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. The festival offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Cambodian culture and witness the excitement of the boat races firsthand.


Best places to visit in November

December is a fantastic time to visit Cambodia, as the weather is generally excellent, making it a rewarding destination for Christmas. It's important to note that hotels tend to be booked up well in advance, so it's advisable to make your reservations early to secure your accommodation.

Best places to visit in December

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