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Bali Barat National Park: A Natural Oasis in Indonesia

  • Bali Barat National Park, established in 1941, stands as a testament to Indonesia's commitment to preserving its unique wildlife and natural wonders. Originally initiated by the Dutch, the park was created with a dual purpose: to safeguard the critically endangered Bali Starling bird and the last remaining wild banteng, a native animal that played a significant role in shaping the Balinese cattle breed.

The Park's Location and Evolution

  • This national treasure is situated in the westernmost part of the island and encompasses a sprawling 19,000 hectares of pristine landscapes. However, in its earlier years, the park extended across a vast expanse of approximately 77,000 hectares.

Diverse Ecosystems

  • Bali Barat National Park is a haven of biodiversity. It boasts a range of ecosystems, from rugged mountains to primary monsoon forests, mangrove forests (covering 310 hectares), lush lowland rainforests, expansive savannas, vibrant seagrass vegetation (40 hectares), thriving coral reefs (810 hectares), serene sandy beaches, and a vast expanse of shallow and deep sea waters (3,520 hectares).

Explore Responsibly with Official Park Guides

  • As a protected area, access to the park is regulated through a zoning system that defines permissible activities. To explore this remarkable natural wonder, you must engage an official park guide. This ensures a responsible and educational experience within the park's boundaries.

Surrounding Communities and Culture

  • The park's periphery is surrounded by six villages inhabited by a diverse ethnic population, including Balinese, Javanese, Madurese, and Bugis. These villages fall under the administrative jurisdiction of either the Buleleng or Jembrana district, contributing to the park's cultural richness.

Accessible Wonders

  • At Prapat Agung peninsula, you'll discover an intricate network of footpaths, making it the most accessible part of the park. The cape is distinctively separated from the rest of the reserve by the Singaraja-Gilamanuk main road and several forestry plantations located inland of Teluk Terima.

Marine Paradise: Menjangan Island

  • Within the park, Menjangan Island beckons with hectares of resplendent coral reef gardens. This island paradise is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. With no dangerous currents to contend with, it's a safe and mesmerizing underwater world.

Rich Flora and Birdlife

  • The park boasts over 175 plant species, including 14 endangered varieties such as cendana, or sandalwood (Santalum album).
  • With around 160 different species, Bali Barat National Park is a bird-watcher's paradise. The Bali starling, or Rothschild’s Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi), serves as the park's mascot. This striking bird thrives in a clean habitat and has a short flying range. To protect its dwindling population, it requires special care and conservation.

Wildlife Encounters

  • The park primarily hosts sea and shore birds, with Brown Boobies and Lesser Frigate birds taking center stage. Two colonies of Terns nest on a sandy cay at the entrance to Teluk Lumpur (Mud Bay), while Frigates and Boobies roost on Pulau Burung. The population of White Starlings in the wild remains a mystery.

Plan Your Visit

  • Bali Barat National Park is conveniently accessible from Gilimanuk, the ferry port connecting Java and Bali. You can reach Gilimanuk by ferry from Java or by bus from Denpasar or Singaraja. From Gilimanuk, a minibus or ojek ride will take you to Cekik, just three kilometers from the PHPA headquarters. Another entry point is Labuhan Lalang, accessible by minibus from Gilimanuk. Labuhan Lalang lies along the main road to Singaraja, traversing through the park. To explore Menjangan Island, you can hire a motorboat from Labuhan Lalang, which is just a 30-40 minute journey.

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