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Jordan, a historic crossroads, bears the imprints of numerous empires, from Romans to Ottomans and crusaders, leaving behind ornate churches, castles, and the iconic Petra. Our specialists continually explore this timeless land to find the best ways to experience it, from escaping the crowds at Petra to hiking the wind-carved wadis in Dana Nature Reserve, camping under desert stars, and sharing coffee with Bedouins.

Today, Jordan is a safe and stable country, making it a great introduction to the Middle East. Natural wonders abound, including the salt-crusted shores of the Dead Sea, coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba, and the awe-inspiring rock formations of Wadi Rum's deep-red sands.

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We have thoughtfully curated itineraries unveil a tapestry of possibilities, igniting your imagination for the enchanting journeys that await in Jordan. These routes, meticulously crafted and honed through experience, serve as a compass of inspiration. Yet, view them as mere sparks, for your expedition will be meticulously tailored by our seasoned specialists. Rooted in your distinct tastes and passions, your voyage will be an unrivaled masterpiece, uniquely crafted for you.

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